The server has been shut down :-(
We regret to inform you that the server has been shut down, and will no longer be available.

Everything expires at some point, and sadly, now is the time that FalcMC (previously SeroCraft) shuts down for good. We never had a player-base that suggested we could go on commercially. Recently, our core player-base has been divided, and the community isn't what it once was. We therefore decided it was best to shut the service down with all good memories to cherish.

Do you want to play the map?

We have, for your convenience, made the entire server map available for download. Using this map you may continue playing as before locally, or upload it to a Realm to share it with others.

  1.43 GB   (map only)
  2.89 GB   (entire server incl. plugins)
Thank you for all the great moments, we will cherish these memories forever in our hearts!
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